Panels I plan to make happen over the next 6-8 months:
-Women no longer technically "in" STEM
-Not women or men in STEM
-People not from private school in STEM
-People from remote and regional places in STEM
-First in family in STEM
-Not white people in STEM
-Migrants in STEM
I'm sick of all the exact same "women in STEM" panels over and over and over. I've watched them, I've been on them, I've moderated them.

Enough. We need to think and talk and act much more broadly and ambitiously. Panels don't change the world but it's a start.
To add from others' suggestions and more I have thought of:

-Neurodivergent in STEM
-Single parent in STEM
-Disabled in STEM
-No degree in STEM
-Mature age ECR

(This will take a long time for me! I don't own ideas so also pls go forth and make these happen everywhere!)
Also what is "in" and "STEM" really? I mean... REALLY though!

(That is a rhetorical question but also another panel)
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