The mainstream press in this country is corrupt beyond redemption and they show us every day on Twitter.
At a certain point people might finally realize these are not one-offs. Maybe.
Liberals are *way* too soft on the mainstream press. Next to their lack of aggression vs Republicans this is the biggest political failure.
I’m talking about regular everyday liberals. The problem gets thousands of times worse when it comes to elected democrats. But they’re following our lead and as a collective we are cowardly with the mainstream press. Total cowards.
I have written about this topic now for 20 years, including working on it 13 years in a professional capacity. The press cannot be saved and you should put such fanciful and frankly stupid notions out of your mind.
Every time a liberal tweets “when did the New York Times get like this” I roll my eyes and die a little inside because it’s been 18 years since they put Bush’s WMD lies on the front page and you guys don’t want to learn.
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