Chamisa illegally grabbed power in the MDC-T on 15 Feb 2018. Founder and President of the party Dr R. M. Tsvangirai had passed away the previous day in South Africa. /1 @Sophie_Mokoena @peterndoro @AusEmbZim @usembassyharare @SenBooker @Newzroom405 @AJEnglish
In fact, Chamisa took control of the MDC-T in a boardroom COUP DE'TAT on 9 of Feb before Tsvangirai had died. Many people to this day still have a lot of questions regarding Tsvangirai's death. /2
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According to Clause 9.21.1 of the MDC Constitution, in the event of the death of a president, the next president of the party would be elected at an EXTRA ORDINARY CONGRESS. Not Congress. Not National Council. @CNN @BBCAfrica @BBCHARDtalk @labour @CPC_HQ @matigary @drDendere /3
The same clause, 9.21.1 made it very clear who would become Acting President. It is the Deputy President of the party. Chamisa and Mudzuri had been APOINTED in 2016 by Tsvangirai. Khupe was ELECTED at the party Congress in 2014. She was the legitimate Acting President. /5
Chamisa created the Vanguard that terrorised political opponents in the party and created violent demonstrations. The group assaulted Khupe's driver and nearly burnt MDC leadership in a hut at Tsvangirai funeral in Buhera. Follow link attached. /6

The rise of Chamisa in the MDC-T coincided with increased intolerance in social media. Insults became the language of choice for his followers calling themselves CCC, and working in gangs to terrorise anyone who questions Chamisa. The word in bold is a nasty insult. /7
In this thread, I have focused primarily on the elevation of Chamisa to MDC-T leadership and HOW ILLEGAL IT WAS. There is a lot more that can be said about this man and his inability to lead. We will never build Zimbabwe by ignoring illegalities in the opposition. /END
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