While I understand the issue raised below, I just wanted to highlight that you can have two immigrant Armenian parents and still be totally disconnected from the culture, not know the language etc I know many people like that. Armenianness is about acceptance and education https://twitter.com/AramIsHaram/status/1308501069362655232
I know sooo many immigrant Armenians from my parents’ generation and their kids who are « 100% » Armenian and yet don’t care so much about preserving the culture
Preserving or learning one’s culture and language is an active process, it doesn’t happen automatically just because both your parents are Armenian and it is not automatically threatened just because some of your ancestry is not Armenian
I’ll even say that mixed Armenians make more effort to learn and preserve the culture than most of us with two Armenian parents who just take these things for granted and think we are knowledgeable about our roots and culture just per our DNA
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