#Thread: I'm back with the proof that the Kagame RBA show happened at his home place...(likely to be Muhazi)

The reason why Im interested in knowing the location it's because:

1. I want to confirm with sickness
http://2.To  confirm with Barore Chat...
So far we know that at the same place (likely to be home) Kagame hosted there 2 or 4 different people, Im saying 2 or 4 because only 2 occasions have identical place photos:

1.Wendy Waeni (back in 2016)
2. RBA hosts Kagame: september 2020 https://m.youtube.com/watch?a=&feature=youtu.be&v=BcN1WtLGU0Y
To confirm it was really at a "Home" I saw one tweet (eventho the link yo the website was deleted) the tweet mentions: "home"

Also Barore himself confirmed: it's somewhere not RBA studios and not Village Urugwiro...

Remember it's so unofficial for the president to hots such shows at his own Home which is different as presidential palace,reason why the location was kept a secret
Some people said it's probably Muhazi, at Muhazi he once received Magufuli...

Remember the president can receive people at his home (rather than Urugwiro Village) but he never hosts official shows at his place at his home... https://twitter.com/UrugwiroVillage/status/717735400974991360
So ending this #thread these are the questions:

1.Why the first time RBA-Kagame at his home?
2.Why doesn't Barore want to disclose the location of the show?

And of course the location was never disclosed this time while with Wendy and Magufuli was disclosed


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