Quick thread on biohacking happiness.

Some things you might wanna check off daily to improve your shitty feeling if you have any.


4 chemicals of happiness

- Dopamine
- Oxytocin
- Serotonin
- Endorphin
Dopamine, or as @HooaFury often refers to as dopa in our banter,

Is the reward chemical.

You'll get a 'dopa hit' when you;

- Complete a task
- Celebrate wins
- Eat food

There's more, but these are the somewhat positive ROI dopa hits.

The love hormone.

- Hold a newborn
- Hold hands/hug a loved one
- GIVE a compliment

I get it, this one is less accessible for some people. Fix your relationships. Not everyone has a baby at home for those oxy hits, but you can develop relationships easily.

The mood stabilizer.

- Movement (not exercise). Well technically walking swimming and cycling counts for sero hits.

Open air/ nature & some meditation should cover this one easily.

That's your natural pain killer.

- Exercise (get your heart rate up, don't just walk)
- Laughter
- Essential oils
- Dark chocolate (my fav)
As you can see these are easy fixes.

Get hits of each 4 daily for a week and tell me how you feel.

Simple shit you should be taught in biology class...
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