Amazing move my Modi sarkar. So-called Most of Journo & Swamy sir who claiming credit didn't understand what Govt did swiftly & why I tweeted NIA on aug 26th

Let me explain in this short thread https://twitter.com/OfficeOfDGP/status/1308457000573919239

The logic for my tweet that NIA will be brought in was based on Info that the NDPS act is getting amendment.

What this notification actually mean?

As of today, NCB investigates the use or supply of drugs and it stop there. It has no mandate for investigation terror link

NIA on other side investigate terror link & agencies like RAW & IB are intelligence agencies

NCB mandate to probe drugs. With NIA the probe will go to the level of finding funding and possible terror links. This way the NCB probes will be a double-edged sword.

The same was ED converts the CBI FIR into its ECIR to probe money laundering in any criminal case.

In simple terms

If Deepika buy drug & X supply drugs to her then NCB investigate BUT where X get the drug is different.

So now if X is investigated & agency find Clifton link, the NCB work stop and NIA will take over whome investigation

This means now the Mumbai drug business and other too come under NIA the moment a link is found. The NCB FIR automatically convert to NIA one

.... and NIA can slap NSA, National Security act on the buyer, supplier, and whole chain

best part. amendment says that an inspector level person at NIA can order full investigation

This makes local police sitting duck. So now if Karan Johar give joint to AU & KJ get from Mr X & AU share with Deepika then all come under NIA investigation & NSA can be slapped

Now Mumbai Police can keep jumping, the Nail is hammered

Jai Hind
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