1/5 You know how we've all been waiting for a #vaccine? About that... Turns out what is more critical is to 1) stop eating meat (to the extent you can manage) 2) stop buying things (same caveat) 3) stop travelling (same again). Only treating Earth more kindly will truly help. https://twitter.com/FinancialTimes/status/1308654831960117251
2/5 Is all of that fun? No. Do I do it myself? I don't eat much meat and I don't buy many things, but I travel probably more than is Earth-friendly. Do we need to rethink how we make these choices? Urgently. The constant sense of climate guilt is a heavy burden. What would be
3/5 more effective is to think of every car journey not taken as a animal, including a human animal, that is less affected by #ClimateChange. That car journey I didn't take? A koala gets to stay in its tree. That steak I didn't buy? A person isn't flooded out of their home in
4/5 New Orleans. That special outfit I didn't purchase, making do with the clothes I had instead? I helped keep a grandmother safe by reducing our infringement on ecosystems that leads to pandemics when diseases hop from animals to humans. @crookedmedia is doing 'Adopt A State'
5/5 for the American election-- maybe for the future, adopt an animal or a city/country threatened by #ClimateChange, and make everything you consciously do to #HelpTheEarth about them. For me, I'm leaning towards #koalas.
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