new xenogender !

cryptgender / cryptidgender

[details and flags below]
before we get into it, this can definitely be used along with other genders or identities of any kind. there are no specific pronouns. just use whatever pronouns you feel most comfortable with. also if there are any typos in this thread I apologize in advance. ok. let's go.
the prefix crypt: "'secret' or 'hidden, not evident or obvious'"

cryptid: "an animal that has been claimed to exist but never proven to exist"

(full google definitions here)
I personally believe cryptids exist. things like bigfoot, the lochness monster, space aliens, etc. I think there are a lot of things we don't know about. a lot of this gender goes off of that belief. the belief that they are real we just can’t or haven’t yet proved it.
cryptgender is the base. a gender that just is. it can’t be explained or proven but it exists. cryptidgender goes off of that as being the same thing but having some sort of otherworldliness to it. I made them separate but similar because I felt some may not identify with or+
+believe in the otherworldly or mythical aspects of it.
the flags and stripe meanings
green: some sort of “other” quality (otherworldly, supernatural, mythical, etc)
blue: often found to be beyond belief or understanding
purple: it just is (doesn't have nor need reason)
off-white: can't be proven / not evident
the flag colors took inspiration from this piece by paul daviz
I really hope I said everything I wanted to. this is really personal to me. it's the first time I feel I've been able to describe my gender identity further than just "non-binary." thanks for reading if you did. again I hope there are no spelling or grammatical errors. thank you.
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