I think wandering traders r a really cool feature that was
added to MC- a wandering merchant who has unique items from distant lands? like ?? thats so cool?

but the way they r in the game atm really sucks.
the trades r only good if ur early game (sometimes, tbh not rlly) , but even then theres a good chance u dont have emeralds

like why cant they at least b like, cross dimensional? Like tbh idk if I'd trade emeralds for chorus fruit, but I see its value
and like they're called wandering TRADERS, I should b able to trade them goods not buy em with the ingame currency,,
//granted villager trading also has this mechanic but i think the wandering trader should have more variation other than glorified useless villager
n like sometimes u find one in a biome and its like "1 emerald for this flower that literally is 10 blocks away from u uwu" which is,, annoying
My fav variation of the wandering trader tho is in Vanilla tweeks w/ the miniblock and player head trades.
- good items, hard to otherwise obtain
- still requires you to have said block on hand
- not too game breaking bc they're mostly for aesthetic purposes
or like!! music discs that arent the literal only 2 u can find in dungeons and stuff,, like

sorry mojang but im too smooth brained to find out how to set up a situation where a skeleton would kill a creeper <3
dunno if I should keep adding to this thread bc I have a shit ton of ideas but

Village n Pillage is my all time favorite mc update, it brought a lot of cool features (and bugs) to the game and really enriches the game for me.
The wanderign trader just had so much potential.
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