My Battery Day Thoughts:

I continue to be thoroughly impressed by the Tesla team. Drew and the other engineers are rock stars. Super smart and motivated. I much prefer a hardcore technical presentation like this over the recent Cadillac and Lucid PR fests.

Today, Tesla already has a large lead in batteries, powertrain, software, engineering, manufacturing, etc. Battery Day made it clear that Tesla has some of the smartest people in the world working hard on continuously improving every piece of the entire battery supply chain.

The pace of innovation and numbers presented today seem absolutely absurd. These advancements will over the next years likely do the same for Tesla's batteries as Starship will do for SpaceX's rockets. It will make all competitors secondary, if not obsolete.

Everybody says Tesla can't do it alone, but how does anybody keep up with this? No automotive company has been able to keep up with Tesla's pace over the last decade, and now that Tesla is increasing its pace how will the gap anything but widen?

This is my biggest take-away from Batt day. Tesla is not just getting further ahead, it's increasing the rate at which it's getting ahead. Many will not understand this, but in order to survive, Tesla's competitors don't just have to keep up with Tesla's innovations, they...

have to keep up with Tesla's pace of innovation. They don't just have to attract the right talent and spend money on the right R&D, they have to fundamentally change how they operate in order to drastically change their pace of innovation, or else they will get left behind.
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