Lacked funding but had
1. spreadsheet
2. charisma
3. an extreme stubbornness that wouldn't allow me to quit
4. Youtube
5. most importantly Jesus Christ my Lord & savior with me calling me to get this done without VC money. He said I can do all things in Him since I am called...
Now I have:
1. an updated design for a renewable energy solution that buries even more CO2 then b4 #ClimateAction
2. Deeper understanding of thermo fluid Dynamics than most mech eng I know
3. New found confidence and boldness
4. Spreadsheet that futureproofs the design...
5. Ability to recognize better engineers
6. This thread (aka my testimony)
7. Super long and detailed technical write up to write for investors and even more control over my fundraising process

Moral of the story is, focus on what you have. Be thankful for what you don't.
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