Some deceptively simple life advice I keep returning to these days. From patients, dead friends, wise family. A thread.

1. A problem you can solve with your own money, isn’t a problem. It’s an inconvenience. (A reminder that so much true suffering around us is so BIG).
2. Don’t pickle things. (A reminder not to preserve the good wine/china plates or expressions of love for a special occasion. Preserving things changes their character).
3. If the path is clearly laid out before you, it is not your path. (There will be obstacles that reroute you and it will seem impossible at times. That’s because you are paving a new way).
4. You cannot selectively numb. (A reminder that choosing to block out feelings with EtOH or escapism or drugs means you block all of it. The joy will be inaccessible as well).
5. The present moment is the most temporary thing there is. (Whether it is wonderful or painful. You can be assured of one thing... it will pass).
6. Anxiety is not intuition. Don’t give it power. (A friend says this as ‘I know now that I can’t trust everything I think.’)
7. Anger is pain pretending to be powerful AND apathy is rage spread thin. (Basically all of 2020 in this one).
8. When you build a raft that gets you across the river, thank it and leave it behind, don’t carry it. (A reminder that some of the tools that got us here won’t continue to serve us here, in this new place).
What reminders and little wisdoms are getting you through? #MedTwitter
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