1) Dear Starseeds, This is it. WWG1WGA. I can't wait for everything to be transparent in front of our eyes and unawakened people to be shocked. Not many will believe what's happening behind the scenes as that is their own choosing.
2) We awakened ones continue to Ascend as the Truth unveils. So much is happening behind the scenes. Let's forgive, the only way for PEACE of mind. Yes, we may never forget what these Dark Souls (humans who went to Dark Forces) and Malevolent Dark Forces did to us
3) but we are unaffected by their negative AIs and Fear mongering psychological warfare. We are unscathed and strong. Forgiveness is the best thing because it is unconditional LOVE. Embrace. We are in transition to create the greatest thing for our second wavers co-Starseeds
4) and for our Mother Earth. We, Starseeds are more powerful than we can imagine. We are all Divine Beings. Stay focused on our Ascension to a higher Spiritual Dimension which is our mission, the reason we are here. Enjoy every minute of JOY and BLISS of your present day.
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