If Republicans are still pissed about Kavanaugh, it demonstrates the level of victim mentality conservatives have and how disconnected it is from Democratic reality.
At worst, Kavanaugh’s “mistreatment” is like GOP Birtherism, which was offensive but didn’t harm Obama big picture (he won re-election). Yes, most of it find it repulsive but Obama himself doesn’t whine about it. (He’s even joked about the absurdity.)
Obama, of course, is a Democratic victory. Same with Bill Clinton, who won 2 terms. Yes, he was impeached, but we never went total war on the GOP afterwards (maybe we should have)
The Garland obstruction and the disrespect of RBG’s last wishes, etc, are open wounds that the GOP poured salt into. It’s not like Garland got slapped around but then President HRC put him on the bench.
It’s just crazy that conservatives are whining about Kavanaugh ,as if he’s not a SCOTUS justice. He achieved a lifelong goal and he was hardly “destroyed” (it’s not like anyone at his country club believes the allegations against him)
There’s a narcissism among white conservatives that likely explains why they connect with Trump. I’m reminded of the cops who will kill a Black person dead and then whine about how their lives were ruined ... when they were later cleared of charges and are back at work.
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