Here's what I know: you don't invite the whole country to a party and then show up with a six-pack. In April 2005 I was deputized to seek prime-time network time for PM Paul Martin to address the nation. We did not get an automatic yes. Not by a long shot. #cdnpoli
To the contrary, I was required to disclose the subject matter and justify why the nation's air-waves ought to be turned over. Maybe it was a different time, but it was a toe-to-toe battle with the likes of Bob Hursts. So, I have to assume that Trudeau has proven... #cdnpoli
...that what he has to say rises above an echo of the SFT and has some broader national significance. In other words, there has to be news that we don't hear from Julie Payette a few hours earlier. So, stay tuned. I assume there's a big card about to be played. #cdnpoli
The other thing to keep in mind is that this decision comes with consequences - when you request network time you guarantee a televised response from the Opposition Leader. That will be the largest platform O'Toole has ever had. You don't... #cdnpoli
hand that sort of opportunity over to your opponent unless you are certain that what you're pitching is gonna slam down the centre of the plate. I know I'm raising expectations but it has to be big. You don't call for network time otherwise #cdnpoli
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