I had another dream and this one involved Mark Jinyoung and Yugyeom. +
+ they were walking about looking for fake flowers (HAHAHA) with fishcakes in their mouths when they came into the shop I was in. Yugyeom was surprised to see me he jumped on me. I had picked out some daisies or rather, what I thought were daisies when +
+ Mark pointed out, asking why I was buying lilies were they for Hwang hyung. I said no these were for my studio space, and they're actually daisies not lilies. Mark said noona you be holding lilies. so I turned to look at the flowers in my hand and goddamn they be lilies. +
+ startled, I dropped the flowers and felt my body go vertigo. Jinyoung caught the flowers and me just in time before I hit the ground and the scene changed. the dream space is now four of us in my studio. +
+ Mark splayed out on the sofa bed, yugyeom directed himself to the Lego corner and Jinyoung unwrapped the flowers. I went to get a hot drink to ease the vertigo I was feeling and looked at Jinyoung placing the flowers. they were daisies. +
+ today's healing session was with Mark so I asked what do we do about Jinyoung and Yugyeom. Mark said he needs them here because it's about Jackson. I did a very audible growl and saw the 3 boys flinching. +
+I told them I can't help Jackson right now since he's away, pretty damn far away and I can't reach him either. Jinyoung stopped me and said maybe I don't have to be there physically maybe I just need to channel my energy straight to him. so I teased+
+them saying now they be telling me how to do my job.

all 3 boys heart chakra were on low power but Yugyeom's stomach was low too so I pulled him aside. he shared how lacking Jackson's updates with the boys had been and it seems like Jackson's only been speaking to +
+Jinyoung. Yugyeom is worried that Jackson might be feeling some kinda low and he wants to know if there's any way for him to be there for his hyung.

just as I was about to answer this baby, Hwang hyung opened the door to my studio and

+it took awhile to return to the dream. when I reconnected I was talking to Mark, Hwang hyung was speaking to the other boys in the Lego corner.

Mark was going on about seeing dry flowers in his dreams. I dont know why I tried to correct him by saying+
+fake flowers instead of dry flowers cos they are pretty damn different I think Mark's intelligence is able to distinguish that. so he asked me, again, why did I buy them lilies. I said no dood they are daisies. so we both looked over where+
+Jinyoung had placed the flowers and goddamn they be lilies again. lilies. not daisies. again.

suddenly Yugyeom hollered from the Lego corner "nooonaaa you having that Placebo Effect" and I just got

sofa king


like why is this dream so messed up+
+that I woke up and journaled instead.

I have not attempted to continue that dream but it made me feel really strange. like a thriller thing. so ye I'll mentally prepare myself another day if I wanna take on this dream again cos it concerns WangPuppy

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