1. Welcome to today's WH Daily Shadow press briefing where the questions are real and the answers are the truth. You won't hear that at this White House. Here's my opening statement. The President has the right to nominate a goldfish for Supreme Court, but it's up to Congress,
2. the Senate in particular, to confirm. Because the spineless marshmellows in the Senate R caucus will do anything, even support a nameless nominee, i won't waste your time politicking for it. Now let's get to questions. Q. As you know, the death toll from the coronavirus
3. hit over 200k today. What do you say to Americans who are outraged over this and blame this Administration for so many lives lost. A. Well it is what it is. We screwed this up big time and there is no denying that. What we will do is try to change the subject. That usually
4. works. Hey, look over there, it's a meteor headed to the briefing room. Yep. Q. The President said at one of his rallies that it, and i think he was talking about younger Americans that it affects nobody by the. way open your schools, open your schools. But he said to Bob
5. Woodward its not just older people, it's younger people too. With 200k deaths shouldn't the President be telling the American public the truth about this virus at his rallies. A. Let me try to unpack that one. First he was not referring to just young people when he said it
6. virtually no one. He was referring to everyone. As he likes to say to the staff, if you're going to lie, lie big. You can make an argument that the President should tell the truth. In fact, we have that argument with him everyday. But we never win that argument.
7. Q. I'm not taking it out of context, I said he was talking about younger people. A. You are taking him out of context, he didn't just mean young people, he meant everyone. It's the big lie, so give him credit for that. Q. Young people can contract the virus and spread it to
8. older people, we've known this from the beginning. So the President of the United States at 200k deaths to go out to his rallies and say it affects virtually nobody and in some states it's not affecting young people that is glossing over the fact and really diminishing the
9. fact that young people that young people can catch this virus and spread it to older people. Younger people can also be sickened and killed by this virus. A. Jim it's just not right when you say we all knew this all along. The President knew this, Bob Woodward knew this, but
10. neither of them bothered to share it with the American people. So there's that. Your question is wrong. Want to ask another one? Q One person who believes the President has the authority to nominate someone for the Supreme Court and the Senate has the constitutional
11. obligation to advise and consent is Utah Senator Mitt Romney. Of course in the last three years the President and Senator Romney have often found themselves at odds, the President and Romney have said unkind in fact intemperate things about each other -- How is the President
12. feeling about Mitt Romney today. A. Frankly he's a little confused. Follow me on this one. Earlier this year Romney voted to remove the President from office for high crimes and misdemeanors. Now he says the same unfit President should nominate someone to the highest
13. court in the land. That's some fucked up shit there. Q. So timing now is the next issue, the President will have 37 or 38 days from the time he makes the announcement until the last day he can have a vote before the election. In fact, in the past John Paul Stephens was
14. confirmed in 19 days, chief Justice John Roberts 24, Justice Sandra Day O'Conner in 33. Times were different back then they are now. Can you do it in 37 days. A. First let me thank @foxnews for the leading question and doing most of the work for me on this question.
15. It's always nice to see a friendly face and a government employee out there in the briefing room. We can do it. We have 51 Senators saying they will vote for something they don't even know about yet. Like i said, we can get a goldfish confirmed with this Congress.
16. Q. On the 200k deaths, will the President recognize that in any way publicly today at a speech or on twitter. Is this something he liked to express remorse over or sympathy for those who have lost loved ones. A. First this is the no responsibility President. Second, he's
17. felt remorse, he's a sociopath. Third, he's planning something big for a million, countdown clock and everthing. It will get killer ratings. Q. Can you speak to the fact that the President prefers to have the confirmation happen before the election. How does he think this is
18 going to help Cory Gardner or Joni Ernest Republicans keep the majority in the Senate. A. You've forgotten the first rule of the Trump Doctrine -- he doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself. Second, he knows he's going to lose in November and lose the Senate, but wants
19. notch in the belt so he get up his speaking fees post WH. Q. He thinks Kavanaugh Democrat stumbles in the Kavanaugh hearing will help Republicans. A. He thinks it will help him. Full stop. Let's move on. Q. The President recently gave himself an A+ for his handling of the
20. coronavirus but a D for his PR. What would good PR look like when 200k people are dead. A. No such thing, this isn't a PR problem, its a malpractice problem. But we do have a PR plan to deal with it. Change the subject. Q. The President provided information that was not true
21. A. So what, what's your point, so some people died, it is what it is, get over yourself. Q. He said he was downplaying it so he was purposely providing info that was not true. A. You can keep saying that all you want but it doesn't make it true, except it is true and we all
22. know it. Q. If the vaccines are not effective, what is plan B for the White House. A. What a ridiculous question. Why would the White House have a plan B when we didn't even have a plan A. Q. The President did retweet today a tweet from Rush Limbaugh saying there didn't
23. need to be any hearings for the nominee, quote it would be great if Republicans skipped hearings on this. Does the President want to skip the hearings, they are a co-equal branch of government, why is he directing them to do anything. A. He wouldn't have retweeted it if he
24. didn't agree now would he. He wants to skip hearings because if he picks the goldfish there some stuff that will come out and goldfish have a limited ability to defend themselves. They just sort of swim around in a circle.
25. Q. Who else has the President spoken to on the nomination. A. At least one person in Florida, North Carolina, Maine, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas and Arizona. But don't read anything into that. Q. Will a Supreme Court fight kill the last gasp of getting a stimulus
26. bill passed. Can we agree that's not going to happen before the election or not at all. If you are still hopeful, you know the President has said, if the time is right he'd be willing to reach out to speaker Pelosi, it seems like we're getting into the last days of the
27. session, is the time now right. A. The President hates strong women especially Pelosi. Deep down he is afraid of them. What puzzles him is how the Republicans didn't have time to do something for all Americans but have plenty of time to do a nomination. He's afraid they're
28. getting to get away with it politically. That's why he's going to show his trademark no leadership on this. Q. The first Presidential debate is a week from today. How do you expect the Supreme Court debate to impact that debate? A. Not at all. The President believes Joe
29. is senile so he's not bothering to prepare for the debate. He said he was just going to wing it. Q. The Democrats are threatening to add justices to the supreme court, does that concern you at all? A. No. The President doesn't think they have the guts to do that.
30. Q. Has the President called the Speaker about the stimulus bill and why not if he wants to get this done. A. The President has a huge ego and very thin skin. Couple that with not being very smart,he's afraid to get on the phone with her. Scared to death actually.
31 And remember, he doesn't care about the American people so he doesn't care if they get relief. That's his style of leadership. Q. Polls show that the American people don't trust what the President says on the virus vaccine and i wondered as you think about getting the
32. vaccine out, how are you going to convince people that the vaccine is safe and people should go get it when it is out. What is the process looking like. A. You guys crack me up. Listen carefully, the vaccine being ready in October is a political myth. The President ain't
33. going to really take it. We have no idea if it will work. But he has to say he did it. If it kills people it will be just a rounding number on what we already have. Q. How soon would the President feel comfortable taking the vaccine himself and would you support a
34. non-American vaccine perhaps one from China or Russia? A. Here's the plan. The President will not take the vaccine. He's still using bleach. The American vaccine will be taken by Don Jr., Russian by Eric and Chinese by Ivanka. We'll see what happens.
35. Q.The President is giving a health care speech on Thursday is this finally going to be his long awaited comprehensive health care policy. A. No, that will be ready in two weeks or so. Q. The President said Roe v Wade would be overturned if he got to change the balance on the
36. court. He said in 2016 if we put another two or three justices on the court that will happen. Is that the ultimate goal here, to overturn Roe v Wade. A. Of course not. That's just a start. Killing obamacare and protection of preexisting conditions in some way will be sweeter
37. for Trump. Q. Does the President still stand by that quote from 2016. A. The President has lied 22k times in the last 4 years, don't ever ask him if he stands by a quote. He'll just say he took himself out of context. Q. Could you again try to reconcile the President
38. Bob Woodward that plenty of young people are effected by the coronavirus with saying last night in front of a crowd that nobody young is affected by this virus. I'm wondering if you can reconcile those two. A. This is an easy one. And this will work for most questions.
39. Everything he told Bob Woodward is the truth. And everything he says in public is a lie. Remember that. Q. He said he always wanted to downplay it and not have people panic, you don't think he's doing it still. A. Let me be clear, he's not interested in whether people
40. panic. He's lying to the public because that's the way he's worked since day one. He's betting that people are too stupid to understand or not care. I wouldn't be my money against that. Q Is there anything to prevent an impeachment in the final months of a Presidency?
41. Sure. 53 spineless Republicans who will acquit him without a trial as opposed to the show trial we saw this year. Q. The President in the General Assembly hit the Chinese very had. How concerned is the spat with the Chinese will hurt dealing with coronavirus? A. First, the
42. UN speech was a campaign speech, it had nothing to do with foreign policy. Second, the President will take help from anyone especially if they are interfering in our elections. Q. The President said he talk about the poisoning of the Russian opposition leader another time.
43. Has the President reviewed the German report and will he comment. A. Not until Vladimir Putin finishes his bullshit report that he will then embrace. Natural causes baby. Maybe just a bad hangover. Now i'd like to invite Keith Kellogg to the podium to publicly smear the
44. integrity of somene who's served her country for years. She was on the coronavirus task force and honestly reported the truth -- the President wasn't interested in stopping the virus, he was only concerned about his own reelection. So General Asshat, why don't you come up and
45. start the smearing. And by the way, don't you like that we plant two reporters in the room besides Fox to ask leading questions. Cool huh?
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