The big question: Can we marry odars and pass our “Armenianness to the next generation?

The real question: How many generations of intermarrying can we actually sustain before we lose our Armenianness?
Go ahead and marry an odar and raise your kid full armenian. And let that child enter the world with the same mentality: that they can “maintain their heritage while still marrying an odar”

Now let that child do the same.
How many generations before that child has too many different cultural backgrounds to truly maintain and continue their armenian heritage as effectively as a full Armenian?
I wish it was as easy as people tend to make it out to be, but it’s not. Marrying odar may allow you to raise an armenian kid, but how many generations of those repeated values does it take for that heritage to diminish? Not that many
If you truly believe our heritage and sustainability on this planet is being threatened, which it is, you’d realize how unsustainable long term intermarrying truly is for the Armenian cause
And if you disagree, that’s fine. No one is requiring you to marry armenian or raise your child armenian. But if you truly value your heritage and wish for it to be passed on for generations, you must acknowledge that marrying non-armenian is counterintuitive in the long run
It is statistically impossible. And any anecdote that proves otherwise is simple an anecdote.
Thank you for coming to my blunt, harsh, and realistic Ted Talk
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