I’m not trying to be out of line...because I’m not a parent. But why do some parents get on this app and LIE about stuff they know they chirren did not say? And like we all know they lying. Even their mutuals be like “stop lying.”
Ol “my two year old said ‘don’t forget to include your schedule C and your 9465 in your self employment taxes dad’” headasses. This is weird!
And it’s not that kids aren’t smart. They’re too smart actually. It’s that kids do not be giving a fuck about the shit you be saying they said. Don’t they be mindin their elaborate kid business?
As a reminder for ppl busy being dishonest: 1) thread said “some” parents. 2) thread didn’t insult children; it praised their intelligence. 3) It’s not about neurodivergence and *you know* it’s not. 4) I mentioned specific style of obvious dishonesty & said so to ppl *I follow.*
5) I said “not being out of line because not a parent” to make sure people knew this wasn’t about all parents or parents discussing children; it’s a specific context and you don’t get to ignore that because you don’t like/don’t know me. 6) not being a parent ≠ dunno kids at all.
This thread is about something specific and has specific qualifiers. But since it’s not read that way, I’ll take it down because though it’s something specific I talked about with with people I follow, I’m not interested in it hurting feelings of people it never was about.
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