The Wisdom Of Zuby (Thread)

@ZubyMusic is one of my favorite follows.

A big reason why is the timeless, common-sense wisdom he spreads through the world just about every day.

Here are 10 tweets of his to check out...
1. Getting offended is a sign of weakness
2. Male weakness leads to crumbling societies
3. "Educate yourself" is often manipulation
4. You can uplift without putting down
5. We're living in the age of narrative
6. Resisting degeneracy is an act of rebellion
7. Offense =/= Morality
8. Truth is under assault
9. Lifestyle may solve your issues
10. Your happiness if your responsibility
This thread could be 100 tweets, but I'll stop it here

If these resonated, go follow @ZubyMusic

You won't regret it
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