Unpopular view but... the social distancing rules don’t have to make comparative sense. Clearly, covid spreads as easily when sat closely in a restaurant or at home. It spreads as easily at 9.59pm as at 10.01pm. Across classrooms of 30 as easily as in wedding ceremonies of 30.
But that’s also sort of the point. This thing spreads in loads of ways. So the choice is stop nothing, everything, or some things. And the stopping of chosen ‘some’ things will inevitably feel arbitrary when in comparison because, in risk terms, they somewhat are.
But what the government seem to be doing is trying to keep health or education services going, but then limiting businesses a bit (w/out completing killing retail/leisure) and the. making extended family & social lives take a big hit. We can debate if that’s the right order...
... but it’s why comment like ‘why won’t coronavirus get me in a restaurant but it will in my own house’ is to interpret the strategy incorrectly. Presumably the experts know it will. That’s why they’re only allowing one (economically useful) option, not both.
I just wish the government would explain things this way instead of running around screaming about freedom and moonshots.
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