THREAD I’ve been thinking a lot about #PrivilegeWalk
So many people talking about its impact, but still faltering to step out of their comfort zones+take steps to make the changes in real life.
I'm sharing my #livedexperience as a participant of #DiversityandInclusion training
The #privilegewalk can only be effective if racialized minority people are present/participate. It can also be a stressful, racially triggering and harmful experience for some black and brown bodies who are exposed and made vulnerable in white spaces.
There is no consideration, support or aftercare given to those who are left behind in this experiment.

I did the #PrivilegeWalk a decade ago. I remember my gut wrenching as I saw inequities of my whole life unravelling for the white gaze to learn, reflect and do better. No!
I remember standing there falling further and further behind with each step. A white straight able-bodied person looked back at me with a satisfactory look of white entitlement. It was visceral. To this day that look haunted me. It hurt.
I wasn’t able to name that look, until I read a deeply reflective piece last year in #RaceReflections ‘Finding Black Joy Amidst Black Pain’ @KGuilaine introduced me to a French term ‘joie maligne’ in English it translates as malignant joy and 'Schadenfreude' in German.
I have seen that look amongst some white people who deem themselves as progressives. It’s absolutely frightening.
This is not to say that the #privilegewalk does not have value- it does, but its limited.
I think it is more impactful on children+ young people who are still formulating their ideas & worldview, rather than adults.
The #privilegewalk like #unconsciousbias training has its limitations. There is no substitute for antiracist #antiracism learning 
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