Thanks all for sharing! @sgirard9 did a great job! Here's a few ??’s from your local learning scientist to reflect on (1/7):
1)The world is begging us to reimagine our relations & creations (not recreate online what exists). How can schools help create the world we desire?
2) Education, schooling, and learning are connected but not the same. Each of them, and the relations btwn them, can be reimagined. How do we understand the purpose of education in society? What is the role of schools/schooling? What kind of learning is needed/desired? (2/7)
3) Schools, practices w/i schools reflect our views about society, education, teaching, learning, humans/humanity (children and childhood!), etc. From wherever we are in this work, what does requiring kids to be on screens all day say about what we value and privilege? (3/7)
3 continued) What does requiring kids to sit, face the screen, look only at the screen/teacher say about how we view the body? How we understand who or what holds the knowledge? How we understand learning, how learning happens, and who can learn? (4/7)
4) What do we believe and know about children and childhood? What is the purpose of education, the role of schooling, and power of learning relative to childhood?

5) What do we understand as the role and work of teachers? Where do we they and their work fit into society? (5/7)
6) What do we see as the function of discipline in schools, in society? Why "ban" or kick kids off of Zoom, arrest them for not being "at school" during virtual learning? What do these practices say about us, what we stand for? Who do these practices harm or benefit? (6/7)
7) What kinds of things do kids need to be learning right now? What activities and forms of knowledge are we devaluing or valuing? How are we showing our values to them? Who are we inviting and supporting children to be and become? (7/7)
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