Pathetic state of affairs in Gurgaon regarding availability of beds @mlkhattar
Father has decrementing blood oxygen level and we cannot avail beds anywhere. Tried medanta and artemis.
He is due to retire next month and is a senior govt employee who has served his position well.
Roamed all around Gurgaon, finally found a bed at Signature hospital which is very far. Dad was not allowed to carry phone inside, hope all goes well. Gurgaon does not have ample beds available. @mlkhattar kindly look into this so that others do not suffer like we did today.
My father, waiting in the car for 20+ min. at Artemis. Requests for even a basic check of vitals was refused after we mentioned his blood O2 level dropped 5 points in a day. Either false assurances are being given or hospitals are not delivering on them. Same happened at Medanta.
Things we found:
- beds not available
- hospitals will decline requests of even checking vitals
- phones not allowed inside hospitals to patients which is most troubling

@mlkhattar please request you to look into these issues, we checked with all local hospitals.
@DC_Gurugram please help with these issues, it was really disheartening to see the state of affairs today. Patients should also be allowed to carry phones inside.

We really struggled to find facilities for my father today.
Further findings:
- hospital says “protocol” allows no communication with the patient, even over a phone, which is weird
- can only meet doctor once in a day for queries, can only see patient through window
- no transparency regarding status of patient @DC_Gurugram @mlkhattar
@MoHFW_INDIA is there any official protocol that bars communication with Covid patients even over the phone? My father was not allowed to carry his phone inside, and the hospital has not provided any medium of communication as well.
@mlkhattar @DC_Gurugram
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