I tweeted copies of YOUR tweets and chronicled your bizarre evolution from Hillary voter, to Resister, to Progressive, to Socialist, to telling people you are voting 3rd Party. Telling your large following you are voting 3rd Party is virtually telling them not to vote for Biden. https://twitter.com/ProudSocialist/status/1308457205767659522
. @ProudSocialist I have receipts longer than CVS.
. @ProudSocialist You were for Harris and tweeted how proud you were of her, and less than a year later you are calling her a corporatist and telling your followers you are voting 3rd party. That is about as legit as a degree from Trump University.
. @ProudSocialist maybe you can explain how you went from selling Resistance mugs and t-shirts, to becoming a Socialist, to voting 3rd Party in less than 4 years. Sorry, but that is the same playbook used in 2016 to persuade people not to vote for Hillary.
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