#Thread on Hinduism and Drugs

Since Bollywood is being exposed day by day in dirty drugs involvement, I am seeing some people are claiming that sadhu also take ganja and drugs and some are advocating to legalise it.
The usual argument people give in favour of drugs, in the context of Hinduism, is a misleading argument that Shiva consumed Bhaang. Hence, it is okay for them to do so too. This argument has no base in it:
non of the main scriptures related to shiva, either its shiva puran, linga puran or markandaya purana mentions about shiva taking any kind of drugs.

But, I’m a guy who believes that hinduism cannot only be defined as per the scriptures.
scriptures. Like swastika is also not mentioned in any religious scripture however it is considered as an important symbol for hinduism. So lets use a bit common sense.

If Shiva consumed Bhaang, then he also consumed the poison which came from churning the cosmic ocean.
So should we also drink poison first, and then see if we stay alive to drink Bhaang? Do not misunderstand all these things. Lord Shiva never consumed Bhaang.

The essential point to understand is that the Shiva Tattva (the most fundamental all-pervading element in creation)
resides in each and every one. An intoxicant like Bhaang too cannot do anything to Lord Shiva’s bliss, because he is above and beyond all such trivial influences. But chanting his name can have a positive influence on us and elevate us.
Some say that its medicinal plant & our great rishi knew about it.

Yes, they do, but again medicines are for ill people & should always be consumed under the advice of medical expert. Medicines are not for healthy people.

Charaka Samhita - Sarirasthana - Chapter 2, verse 40:
प्रज्ञापराधो विषमास्तथाsर्था हेतुस्तुतीय: परिणामकाल : |
सर्वामयानां त्रिविधा च शान्तिर्ज्ञानार्थकाला: समयोगयुक्ता ||

“Intellectual error, unbalanced use of senses and consequence of time these three are the cause of all the disorders.
Similarly the remedy of all the disorders consist of the balance use of intellect ,senses and time.”

Some say that it is good for meditation.

I’ve too heard it,

According to sadhguru:

“Ganja and some other drugs can temporarily open up some chakras in some people.
But when you do, it is only temporary and results in a fall just as dramatic. The best way to open these chakras and control it is through meditation and concentration - not through drugs.”
Also, our mind falsely will consider this euphoria created by drugs as TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION , which is called as Pragya-Aparadha

From Ayurveda perspective term Pragya-Aparadha menas the mind's error or mistake of the intellect.
And this "Mind's error or Mistake of the intellect " involves disobeying the laws of nature. There are three common mistakes listed in the on various sources are Attachment (or addiction), desires (weak will power) and show off (ego).
Charaka Samhita defines Pragya-aparadh as the lack of coordination of dhi, dhriti and smriti. Pragya-aparadh is the source of all disease, because disease originates when the heart, mind or body loses its connection with nature's intelligence.
Now, let come to Sadhus. Some People associate drugs with naga sadhus.

First thing first, they live a mysterious life. No one know much about them. But, we all have to accept that they live a life which can be nightmare for most of us. https://twitter.com/hathyogi31/status/1252266228137078785
Also, Smoking is a delivery therapy for some herbs for a variety of conditions in Ayurveda. Only god knows what they really smoke.

Nagas May smoke it for several reasons, one for the reason above, another as it can put off the feeling of hunger when you are starving,
and third, they are just not that sincere as sadhus and enjoy being drugged.

Also, naga sadhu does not have money to buy drugs. Hence, they are not the one one who are funding te**orists. If they do they are dhongi and druggies.
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