dispatches from therapy:

1. another reminder that we're still in the midst of a pandemic, and that complicates everything that was already complicated. remember this context; it can help you be kinder to yourself.

add 'during a pandemic' to the end of your evaluatory sentences
ie - 'im just not doing a good job of being present' <-- no context, critical


'im just not doing a good job of being present during this pandemic' <-- mad context, hella understandable
2 - trying to advocate for yourself/ask for what you need/set boundaries when you are a black girl taught & trained to take up as little space and air as possible. that shit is hard, but it is hard bc of our socialization, not bc we are weak.
2a - unlearning old things takes repetition, and lots of it. learning new things takes repetition, and lots of it. be patient with yourself. you wouldnt scream at a kid for fucking up while learning to ride a bike (i hope); dont do it to yourself either
3. the return of depressive symptoms does not mean a full regression into the depths of the depression youve been working so hard to claw yourself out of. being sad again/isolating again/unable to get out of bed again is not a failure. youre tired & your body is telling you so
3a - remember the context part? your depressive symptoms are *returning during a pandemic.* hella understandable. be nice to yourself.
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