Followup/reminder to @FBI, journalists & law enforcement professionals. The organized crime group is very sophisticated & intelligent and employs the web & hacking skills to assist them in communication & stalking/harassment, using codes to communicate in indirect ways.
In addition to threatening me & the life of my beloved former professor with grotesqe insinuations, I’ve seen them reference killing & consuming other people, abducting children, & torture. I was personally warned about a risk to me of “fire”, assault, & a bounty on my head.
However beyond the serial killer claims, one of the more troubling things is the references to an commiting live rape/torture/murder on camera through private, secret streaming (apparently paid for by customers using cryptocurrencies?) in order to profit.
Since they claimed to have members of the group inside social media/tech companies, the FBI, & law enforcement & have also employed Russian-bot type proliferation of presence on social media, it may require internal or outside investigators to see who has protected/enabled them.
I experienced resistance at first to reports made via social media & @FBI which I still find troubling. May merit close examination particularly given the involvement of Russia in attempting to sow destruction of the national infrastructure through corruption of these entities.
I am very grateful to all those hearing it & responding now, though. Thank you. Things really began to change when I involved large numbers of citizens to archive & witness the information & reports I’ve shared. Hundreds of people are now aware. Perhaps I can increase that.
The real change was when I began to try to involve media & journalists, legislators, litigators & elected & public officials to put the situation under much greater scrutiny. I know agencies & investigators have their hands full but the initial reluctance was troubling.
If the general public were aware that a group of serial predators may be being abetted or protected by TrumpPutin, I think this could have profound political implications. I’m not sure if that is the case but it may merit exploration.
Some codes reference the cannibalism of other human beings: cheese, chocolate cake, chicken, fried chicken, KFC, & Colonel Sanders. Yet also misc references to typical American junk/fast foods. They incorporate bodyshaming & eating-disordered thinking to justify preying on people
These codes get changed and updated often so now that I’m highlighting them, they won’t get used as much. Yet archived tweets & posts on social media can be found on servers & new codes can be extrapolated by identifying the accounts, device numbers & ISPs of the old ones.
This group digs deep roots on the web, often bolstering their bios with cons/identities via outside links to sites, blogs, etc & anything that *appears* to establish outside credibility incl altered photos & deep fake video produced through video overlay & greenscreen-type tech.
Although all this & much more has already been reported, I reiterate these points in public and with many private citizens to ensure the truth and facts cannot be swept under the rug or neglected. There are many many eyes on this situation now.
Some additional tactics used including calculated bamboozlement by seeming polite, warm or even conciliatory. One of the most vicious predators just sent me a friendly comment on Instagram while I was typing this thread & she recently even sent me a message to “stay safe”, haha.
The purpose of this is not mere gaslighting of me personally but to confound investigation through the appearance of normal friendliness & propriety. I too, have not blocked those people because it is helpful to investigators to see who was following, stalking, or commenting.
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