I didn't watch Iland but Hanbin got my attention thread;
Yas Hanbin!
Hubi is Debut Material. Period.
Listening to Hanbin's voice feels like Heaven
"I only saw Hanbin on Tiktok and I can't get over at his vocals"
"I always saw Hanbin on Tiktok. Now, he's my crush because of it"
"Isn't the Hanbin is great? He's so great at their performance that keeps spreading on Tiktok"
"Always Hanbin in Iland is the one I always saw on Tiktok. BTW, His voice is truly immaculate. I wonder why he got e-word."
"I don't watch Iland but I like the voice of Hanbin. It's nice in ears. It's always on my Tiktok feed"
He's my sunshine :<<
I don't watch Iland before and I regretted not watching it 😭
I even cried 3 days because I miss him
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