The wealth transfer during this lockdown/quarantine was not just money, it was data.

An unfathomable amount of data has been transferred to the tech world as a result of us being home, isolated, and most importantly vulnerable.
Think of the range of emotions and responses given in this time of social unrest, political upheaval, economic downturn, personal devices that are always monitoring our actions and responses.
The heads of Tech were all over this pandemic, because they needed massive data to sculpt this new* world they’re architecting. Sneaky bastids.
If there is nothing else we’ve seen in this time, it’s the consolidation of the tech world and the changing of policies on social media. whatever tf is coming *coughVRcough*, is about to give the tech godhead an immense amount of surveillance & control.
Simply put, the best way to predict the future is to build it.

I know we’re dealing with a lot now but look at the FUTURE of law enforcement as well as the budget increases towards upgrading military weaponry.

We’re in a very new era.
Spotify is positioning itself as a media outlet and I hate it. Artists are always used as a gateway to some corporate takeover.
Facebook/Instagram trying to get well meaning, but terrified people to “register to vote this election” is a data grab as well.

Why, after the Cambridge Analytica-gate in 2016*, would we give Facebook any of our voting data?
The GOP & Democrats are given over to corporate power yes,

But every corporate power is given to consumer data, which these online platforms have successfully “harvested”.

I hate to think all the “social” events of this year were engineered for us to ellicit responses for data.

You’s 2020.
While there are laws changing in the corporeal space...there is a virtual space that has no written rules yet.

It’s the digital demiurge if you will.

Yeah, our “country” is corrupt...but remember the point of colonies is to feedback into larger systems.
There is nothing more ubiquitous on this earth than the internet. therefore, therefore the net has to be ubiqiutous.

Enter covid-19.

Do I believe it’s real? Yes.
Do I believe it’s being weaponized against us? Yes.

We’re being extorted in this reality and the next.
Capitalism isn’t dying, it’s expanding.
The same way Africa and the rest of the global south was carved up for its material resources, the digital “space” is being carved up, segmented, and extracted as well.

We are witnessing the underdevelopment of our future.
These platforms were built for the on the guise of “free speech”.

We built this era of products with user generated content... with our free speech.

And they found a way to monetize it.
And sell it back to us.

We have been participating in a case study on exploitation.
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