#ios14 extreme battery drain is a big problem. Instead of 24+ hours of usage, I now see about 4 hours and a hot phone. I’ve tried everything except resetting my phone, which I cannot easily do. I’m an early adopter for 20+ years, but this will be the last. @AppleSupport ?
Current battery drain is about 10% every 4 mins. I’m listening to music. On the last #ios13 release I would be down 1% at the most. I’m using an iPhone XS Max
I have rebooted multiple times and updated all apps to no avail. Low power mode seems to have little to no impact. I read something about resetting all network settings, which I also do not want to do
I also remove every single widget to eliminate them as possible sources. Checking the battery setting is no help and only shows the steep declines.
Well, nothing has worked, phone is essentially bricked. Battery is draining so quickly now that it's difficult to keep a charge even plugged into the charger. #ios14 battery rapid battery drain. @AppleSupport any help?
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