HAPPENING NOW: Volunteers are setting up 200,000 American flags outside of the Washington Monument in memory of the victims of COVID-19.

@SpeakerPelosi is set to speak at an interfaith service here soon.
Illinois Rep. @SeanCasten is here setting up flags. “People are dead because [Trump] somehow decided it was cute to politicize science... These people didn’t have to die,” Casten told me, pointing at the flags. “Yeah, I’m angry.”
PELOSI places a flag outside the Washington Monument, marking the COVID-19 losses.
Pelosi says RBG’s death was like a “death in the family,” before pivoting you the victims of COVID-19: “I want all of these families to know we feel the same about them.”
PELOSI, standing before flags remembering the COVID-19 victims: “It is time for us to crush this virus.”
One man came and left a picture of his mother, who lost her life to COVID-19.
Clarification to the first tweet in this thread: I’m told 20,000 flags have been set up, marking the 200,000 deaths.
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