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I'm gonna start sharing about 18 Siddhars, here am reposting a thread I wrote last October about 'Pambatti Siddhar'. Please do read and correct me if am wrong anywhere.

Pambatti Siddhar's birth name is lost in the annals of time.

Pambatti Siddhar before meeting his Guru was a snake-charmer and lived in erstwhile Pandiya Kingdom. He was fearless and used to catch snake for living as well as for fun.

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During one such expedition, he met his Guru (another Siddhar by name 'Sattaimuni Siddhar') who asked him what he's doing. He replied that he's looking for snakes to catch. Sensing something in the young man, Sattaimuni Siddhar further probed what type of snake is he looking for?
He replied that, he's after a Navratna Snake! Hearing this, Guru laughed out loud and said “The most glorious and splendid snake resides within you! And you are foolishly searching for one outside!”

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As the snake-catcher implored, Guru explained further, “The snake inside every human body is known as Kundalini. The one who catches hold of and controls this snake is a true Pambatti (snake-charmer)! For this snake carries on its head the ultimate gem!” @hathyogi31 @Sanskritii_1
Now, knowing that such a snake exists within him, he was intrigued and the snake-catcher surrendered to the Guru Sattaimuni Siddhar & received initiation.

After initiation, Guru went on his way & the Shishya continued to gain control of Kundalini and attained Siddhis. @shri_v
When Guru returned & saw the attainment of his Shishya, he asked him ‘Son, though I initiated you into the path of Spirituality, I did not even ask your name. At least tell me now, what is your name?’

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The shishya replied, ‘Swami, I was just a snake-charmer who caught snakes for money. But you educated me about Kundalini and showed me the way to control it and have the Dharshan of the 'Paramporul' within me. How can I tell you what my name is, when I don't recognise past self?
Then and now, my life is all about the snake. So call me Pambatti.’

On hearing this, Sattaimuni Siddhar laughed aloud and blessed him saying, ‘Let it be. From now on you will be called as Pambatti Siddhar.’ And since then he came to be known as Pambatti Siddhar.

After attaining Siddhi, Pambatti Siddhar practised 'Siddha Medicine' in Maruthamalai (an abode of Lord Muruga). There's still a cave adjacent to the temple in the hill, where Pambatti Siddhar used to leave.

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It is believed that Siddhar used to visit Murugan at hill-top via a natural duct like pathway in hill as a snake.

He's also believed to have lived at various other places like, Mahalingamalai in Vathiraayiruppu, Kollimalai, Madurai, Puliyur and Bhavani.

Finally, He attained Jeeva Samathi at Sankarankoil in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu.

Some of his poems, roughly around 600 lines of text are available today.

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His poems are written in Tamil and he is famous for finishing his poems with 'Addu Pambe', which literally means 'play, o snake'. Even his poems are addressed to snakes (believed to be Kundalini).

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Here's a couplet from Pambatti Siddhar encouraging us to go deep - beyond the temporary shell called body - to find treasure hidden within:
நீரிலெழும் நீர்க்குமிழி நிலை கெடல்போல
நில்லாதுடல் நீங்கிவிடும் நிச்சய மென்றே
பாரிற் பல உயிர்களைப் படைத்த வன்றனைப்
பற்றவேநீ பற்றித்தொடர்ந் தாடாய் பாம்பே

The couplet translates to:-
'Like momentary bubbles that form and pop on the surface of water
Our mortal body too is sure to be gone (in the Flow of Life).
The One who is the Creator of all beings,
Catch hold to catch hold (realize) of Him and Dance, O Snake!'

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Hope you enjoyed reading about Pambatti Siddhar! I'll continue to share about one Siddhar every week.

May our Gurus continue to guide us and show us the right path 🙏🏻

Have a great rest of the day! 😊🙏🏻

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