With regard to current cycling events and threads:
Doping (pharmacological or electromechanical) is not going away. How can it?
* The sport needs a constant flow of sponsors
* Team sponsors need more exposure and fans
* Organisers ditto
* Governing bodies ditto
* Gravy train ditto
* New fans demand new ‘best ever’ spectacles
* Anti-doping & technical rules remain in place
* Riders can only improve marginally (yes, I know) year-on-year
So the sport is a prisoner of its own making:
Go faster but don’t cheat
If rules aren't aligned with reality then we’ll continue the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ soap and try not to see the elephant in the room.
Sympathies lie with:
* Good honest staff, of all parties, who rely on the sport.
* Riders ditto
* (Some) media & journos ditto
* Informed fans
cc. Any other pro sport.
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