Get involved in politics today. Just get involved
A lot of people are asking me "how" they can get involved. You can start by simply tweeting politics, one open secret is that politics is all about organization and networks, it's the numbers and network that makes one a successful politician.
Now when you start sharing your ideas on political issues, you attract like minds, you may think you're insignificant, but trust me, I've seen major politicians concerned about the opinions of what you'd consider the most insignificant people on here...
Because of the possible "multiplier effect" now when you share these opinions, you create a network of like minds and people will notice, eventually you will have some influence within your own network that you can leverage for on the ground politics. This is one easy way.
Young people should build careers in the private/public sector. It's one thing that career politicians eventually learn in the long run, success/liquidity helps people to cut the wait time.
Look at Lagos East, Ex Bank Boss gets the ticket on a whim, I'm sure several people had been on the line, Obaseki built Afrivest, Seyi Makinde had a major oil servicing company, Dapo Abiodun etc, name it. Not to say career politicians don't make it, but it's always...
Better to have built a solid private business. This is why I'm wary of activist politicians, people get desperate when there's nothing else they can fall on - hence the corruption we can see in this Govt, but I digress.
You can reach out to politicians that you know, you can create your own influence, you can organize people around you for anything. Just start.
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