Left arm- BCG
Left arm- measles
Mouth -oral polio, vit A,Rotavirus
Right arm - yellow fever
Right thigh-hep B
Left thigh- penta
Right thigh- injected polio vaccine

RT, tag a parent.. a thread on site and timing of immunizations for infants
At birth- BCG (against Tuberculosis) OPV (against polio), Hepatitis B

6 weeks old- Penta 1 (5vaccines in 1), OPV1, and PCV1 (against pneumonia)

10 weeks- Penta 2, OPV 2, PCV 2

14 weeks- Penta 3, OPV 3, PCV 3, IPV (still doe polio but to be injected)

6 months- Vitamin A
9 months- measles and yellow fever

Many more have been added but the above are what the government gives for free at public facilities

Remember to deworm as per current guideline

Couples with good nutrition, let’s watch our kids bounce in health & life
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