Honestly all that stuff we watched as kids didn’t prepare us for what if there’s good hearted people who just do stuff the wrong way. I think this is what I connect to so much in Star Wars.
It’s why I love the Jedi. The Jedi are The Good Guys. (Hate them all you want, they’re not meant to be the villains.) They’re good people who do it wrong. Things fall at their feet because they fail, not because they’re bad.
It’s what I love about TLJ. And as an extension the ST. That our heroes fail. The good people let us down. Not because they fall but just because they simply fail. They try to be right but they’re not.
And that’s what I love about TRoS. Finding the hope after failure. The forgiveness after pain. Life after death. Rey sees the good in failures. She stands with the ones who tried. Protects the ones who let people down.
Anyway this isn’t really about any one thing. Just about something that’s been weighing on me a lot this year. That culturally the west is so intensely set on Good v Evil. It’s why I don’t get as into the OT I think.
Sometimes people just fail. And it’s that simple.
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