Lunchtime #humour - For the ones in Gurgaon, some interesting trivia and fun about the city.

This is a #mustread #thread about #Gurugram to enjoy and have a laugh!

1. Guru Dronacharya asked Kauravas to build a demo model of Chakravyuha, so they built IFFCO Chowk.

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2. It is easier to catch a flight to Dubai for shopping than to take a u-turn to reach Ambience Mall.

3. It can be mathematically proven that all the "exits" on the expressway will operate more efficiently if people used it for "entry" and vice-versa.

Contd... 2/11
4. Roads leading to the busy HUDA Metro station may not have any pedestrian crossing but there are two private hospitals across the street.

5. The rapid metro train runs above the signal-free 16 lane golf course road.

Contd... 3/11
6. "Dawa aur Daru" quote was made here. We always have a wine shop theka right next to a hospital, school, or office. They are committed to each other.

Contd... 4/11
7. One really has to know the difference between a T-point and a tea point. The former is only applicable while asking for directions. But sometimes there's actually tea point at the T point. Remember the direction.

Contd... 5/11
8. Hypothetically, If Ram and Shyam were brothers who did not have a car nor a motor vehicle and are living on either side of NH8, they would never be able to meet because there's no crossing.

Contd... 6/11
9. Statistically, it is possible to say that every minute somewhere there's a fight over parking.

10. Don't be surprised if you find a foot-over bridge at a random place. That's just made for bikes to cross the road.

Contd... 7/11
11. Google maps have failed here and researchers are still working to find a solution. Because every day there's a new U-turn opened and old turn blocked. The past is past, you need to change and learn new ways to reach your destination.

Contd... 8/11
12. Blasting of transformers is a common thing, don't be afraid, it's just another way of load shedding.

13. The Shankar Chowk is named Shankar Chowk because you need to be calm and composed like Lord Shiva while crossing the road.

Contd... 9/11
15. If you have a bit of irritation in the eyes, a bit of hypersensitivity, or may be dizziness, headache, don't worry consult a doctor, and just get a mask.

16. Are you living on Sohna Road? I just have to say those magical words - ohh, I am Sorry!

Contd... 10/11
17. Cyberhub is like an oasis, no matter how close it looks, you won't find out a way to enter. You will enter from NH8 and will be back to NH8 hassle-free. Welcome to the hyperloop of NH8 > Cybercity > underpass > Cybercity > Underpass > back to NH8. 😃😛😂
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