If you've read your share of news on #BollywoodDarkSecrets and #DeepikaPadukone, spare a thought for poor #UPSC candidates who're appearing this year when cases are more than 1 lakh PER DAY! Unlike ENTRANCE exams where a loss of academic year will simply lead to lesser..(cont'd)
resources for double the candidates in next academic cycle, #UPSC and other such RECRUITMENT exams don't create any such issue. How is this difficult to understand for the #UPSC and the government? You can very easily postpone the #upscprelims2020 and save... (cont'd)
countless lives that are at a risk. Add to that the misery of people who might have to appear from far flung areas or for those who are working as frontline workers in this WAR against COVID. Don't they deserve an equal opportunity to compete for this #examination?... (cont'd)
And for those who are saying serious candidates are studying and not protesting. Yes, they are studying - in FEAR. Fear of dying. Fear of passing on the virus to the elderly in their homes. If you're conducting the exam, they don't have any option. And a nation.. (cont'd)
This govt promotes Gandhigiri but a girl has been fasting for 8 days, asking for #UPSCpostpone, and they won't even listen to her. On the other hand, they're serving chai and samosa to HOOLIGANS who thrashed marshals in the RS and the PM calls it "victory of democracy"
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