While the right makes a clean sweep of the institutions, the left is splintering, divided by small differences and lethal culture wars.
The right preaches individualism, yet moves as a herd.
The left preaches solidarity, yet atomises.
Most distressingly, I’m seeing friends on the left being sucked into far-right conspiracy theories: on Syria, Covid, George Soros and QAnon. Once they slip down these wormholes, they never seem to re-emerge. Conspiracism seems to be born out of frustration and despair.
Much of the creative energy of movement radicals is being sucked away. We are stressed, frayed, exhausted. Labour and the Democrats are deprived of new ideas, and appear to be solidifying around a bland, timid conformism, when we urgently need systemic change.
We've taken some hard knocks. But we must regroup, refresh our analysis of systemic failure and our proposals for systemic change. The alternative is to sit and watch while ecological collapse, social injustice, looting and corruption are locked in place.
My political interest now focuses on a 21st Century democratic revolution: replacing a 19th C political model with one that gives us far more day to day control, tempering representative democracy with participatory, deliberative decision making. See next tweet for explanations.
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