Bollywood Drug cartels won't be able cover their tracks.
The trail leads right inside the ISI headquarters at Islamabad.
NCB wants to deal a body blow to these Pakistani sponsors.
For years, our stars have forged business relations and danced at the weddings of these ISI stooges.
Picture 1: Pakistani origin, American businessman Tony Ashai with Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan.

Picture 2: Dubai-based, Pakistani origin businessman Rehan Siddiqui.

Both are accused of sponsoring terrorists by laundering millions of dollars through their company accounts.
This guy's name is Aneel Mussarat. Again, a cross-border businessman sponsored by the ISI.
If you look up on Google, you will find him partying with almost all the A-listers in Bollywood.
Did Bollywood stars not know about him.
All were well aware.
But Bollywood didn't care.
All these terror sponsors have Pakistani handlers, who also hail from the entertainment industry.
One such handler is Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi.
Here he's seen with UN designated terrorist #HafeezSayeed.
Hamza is his media advisor and PR agent.
Ever wondered how terrorists get such sophisticated weapons?
Ever wondered how much does a rifle cost that a terrorist in Kashmir uses to fire at our soldiers?
Even an assembled AR15 rifle can cost upto 2000 dollars.
Then how do poor militants afford these automatic weapons?
Pakistan's ISI sponsors and protects drug cartels in many countries in Asia and Africa. They stay out of Europe and America.
They use the surplus money to sponsor terrorism.
The drug money doesn't enter Pakistan but routed to terrorists in Kashmir via these Pakistani businessmen.
Our Bollywood stars are buying drugs from the same cartels sponsored by such Pakistani terror financiers.
The stars, who are partying, doing business and dancing at their daughter's wedding... are responsible for sponsoring the bullets that a terrorist uses to fire at our jawans.
Have you realised why busting the drug cartels in Bollywood are so important?
The stars earn enormous amounts because we, the Indian middle class, spend to see them on screen and on stage.
Then they spend the income on drugs which in turn funds the terrorists.

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