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And this happened! The growth rate of active cases (last 7 days, so no weekend effect) fell to -0.3%
Negative growth for the first time.
Total cases = 55,52,094
Recovered = 44,88,219 (80.8%)
Active = 9,75,562 (17.6%)
Deaths = 88,313 (1.6%)
7 Day moving average:
Daily confirmed cases = perceptible decline
Daily recovered = continued upward trend
Daily active = continue decline
Daily deaths = stabilising around ~1150
Testing continues to increase:
Tests per million now >47,000
Test positivity rate = 8.49%
(Need more testing to reduce this to 5%)
Nearly all major hotspot states show a perceptible decline in daily NEW cases over last week.
Case fatality rate - continues to decline steadily at all-India level, and for most states.
Meanwhile among the top 10 hotspot cities...all show declining/stabilising daily new cases. Except Bengaluru and Nashik.
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