Morticia Addams is wife, motherhood, and matriarchal goals.

She loved her husband, cared for her children and encouraged them to be their best selves, and still found time for herself and her hobbies.

She served looks and life lessons on the daily, and respected the ancestors.
She encouraged everyone around her to try their best, no matter the outcome.

She was a lover of the arts, and never missed an opportunity to throw an upscale rager.
She threw shade with pinpoint accuracy, but always maintained elegance and poise.

The definition of a class act.

But don't get it twisted, she could disappear you in a heartbeat if you came for her or her family.
Gomez worshiped the ground she walked on. He penned sonnets to honor the very idea of her. He recited soliloquies when his adoration of her could not be contained in his earthly vessel. Because he knew. HE KNEW.
Get you someone who looks at you the way Gomez looks when he merely THINKS about Morticia, let alone when he actually lays eyes on her.
We stan a goth goddess.

A dark duchess.

A true queen of the night.

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