OK. I’ve been reluctant to use my platform as an artist for U.S. electoral politics. But I’ve decided that this time around, I can't afford *not* to. This isn’t about usual levels of policy/cultural disagreement anymore; this is existential for our democracy. 1/
We desperately need to get our political system  & civil society  functioning again, so we can tackle multiple crises: COVID-19 + ripple effects, reckoning w/our national legacy of slavery & state-sanctioned violence, the growing ravages of a destabilizing climate. 2/
To do that, the GOP needs a reboot. Instead of abetting our slide into post-fact authoritarianism, what if it committed to strengthening democratic institutions & hashing out big important policy ideas in good faith - & helped hold competitor parties to the same standard? 3/
To do *that*, we need to get as many Democrats in federal & state office as we can  - esp. Senate, White House, & state legislatures doing redistricting. Not b/c Democrats are perfect or always better, but to induce that Republican reckoning & shift the balance of power. 4/
So this is where I’m putting my time, energy & money personally: the “blue wave.” Again, not b/c I’m inherently pro-Democrat, but b/c I’m convinced it’s the best path to a functioning, responsive democratic society. (Which is vital for any issue/agenda you care about!) 5/
What I can promise is to bring the same empathy & thoughtfulness to being overtly political as I do to writing songs. To try & make this something that deepens the musician-listener relationship, rather than damaging it. 7/
Speaking of which: I am writing new music! & planning a show before the end of the year. It's all connected (though the songs themselves aren’t political per se). Will invite you to be part of that, too. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are some resources I’ve found useful: 8/
The scrappy crew at @SuffrageOver_ has pulled together detailed info on how to vote by mail, in every state + DC, as well as great ways to volunteer: https://www.suffrageoversilence.com/volunteer  9/
. @swingleft & a coalition of groups are making it super easy to volunteer through the last few weekends before Election Day (& note that voting by mail has already begun!): https://thelastweekends.org/  11/
I really like this guide to “engaging in 2020 with clarity, focus, ease & grace.” Tips include defining your vision (what excites you, not just what you fear) & choosing a volunteering “home” so you don’t keep learning new systems & talking points. https://bit.ly/NoRegretsNov4  13/
Thanks for reading this far.
More to come.
Let’s do this.
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