So pleased to at the #NPC listening to Minister Angus Taylor.

And great to share a table with good friends at APPEA.
Minister Taylor talking up Australian emissions which, to reiterate, are not coming down because we have no climate policy. Meanwhile Australia is the world's third largest fossil fuel exporter.
BREAKING: Minister Taylor to recant word "technology" until emissions come down.
Taylor announces a storage goal of $100/MWh.

He wants storage to be much cheaper than gas. Why?

Meeting that goal is great, except transition will be held hostage to this very stringent goal.
Minister says gas doesn't need subsidy. Also, plans to give massive subsidies to gas.
Minister talks about international engagement. We've done this before. Like the Howard and Bush 'technology not taxes' distraction. It achieved nothing.
Minister Taylor completely dismisses Price Charles call for a Green Marshall Plan to Avery global catastrophe
Australia by 2030 will on current policies have about the same emissions as today. #npc on current govt projections
If only there was some proven technology industry wanted to invest in that we could accelerate now to reduce emissions.
Minister Taylor praising the brown coal to hydrogen project in the Latrobe. Hideously expensive and polluting,
How did you choose your technologies?

Ministerial word salad.
Look I would love Australia to meet all of these targets. But saying you love these goals //is not a policy//.
Claims Australian renewables investment is unprecedented is simply FALSE.
$18 bn over what, 20 years? Ten? This is not the RDD budget of a serious technology program
#NPC Australia has never been first on per capita renewables investment
Minister Taylor says the 250mt emissions reduction figure includes export displacement. Yet we don't take responsibility for being third biggest fossil fuel exporter. #npc
Export coal? Not our problem. Export gas or hydrogen? Australia wants a gold star.
Minister Taylor asked how you get costs down, this being the entire point of the policy. He responds by saying the policy is to get the costs down.

This is high order farce.
Minister refuses to say Liveris and Nev Power won't personally benefit from their own pro gas advice.
"it's not something I'm personally focused on" - literally what the Minister said when asked about NCCC conflicts of interest
Angus Taylor reckons CCS is proven. Which is why we've spent so much on it and are still miles behind where all agencies say it should be.
Why doesn't Australia adopt nuclear SMRs, being a technology that does not yet exist?

Taylor says large scale is expensive and SMRs to watch but at moment "not going to deliver"
Sunk costs: Carbon capture and storage will miss every target set for it.
The amount of Australian gas used as a feedstock for manufacturing is tiny, in the order of 1%.

Angus knocks it straight into the weeds.
Fantastic Angus, well done.
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