Income Tax

You worked and someone paid you.

I'll need to take 30-50% of that.
Sales Tax

Oh you would like to spend some of the income we let you keep on goods?

I'll have to charge you an extra 5-10% for that.
Property Tax

Oh you managed to save up enough money to get yourself a little property? Better than paying rent?

Well you will need to fork over a couple thousand for the privilege.
Capital Gains

Oh you invested in a 401k to avoid taxes?

While we thank you for putting your money into our financial casino, we will unfortunately have to take 30% of your gains.
Inheritance Tax

You lived a good life anon. You made it to the end. You worked hard and saved some money to give to your kids.

Buuuuut... We will need to take a piece of that too. For the good of society, ya know.

RIP anon.
At what point did you realize you were merely a tax slave for you government overlords?
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