Imagine being first-gen to college, getting a PhD, earning grad GPA /MCAT scores above avg applicant, teaching hundreds of pre-meds & reforming education...but med schools still holding the grades you got against you when you were like 17 working 3 jobs. #MedTwitter 1/
Sure, they overlook these grades if you go to grad school. Except not if your program isn’t didactic enough. I have 4 yrs of self-funded academic research experience, brought in grant $$ to the uni, published, but still need 1 more didactic credit to prove I can do science. 2/
Yet the first line of their website says they view applicants holistically. 3/
More than 60% of med students come from families in the top 20% income bracket. The income bracket I was raised in (lowest) makes up less than 5% of medical classes, despite making up >20% of the U.S. population. This hasn’t changed in over 20 years. #MedTwitter 4/
My white & social privileges influence how I navigate this process. But for every one of me, there are dozens more students who are methodically excluded. 5/
A survey of the 2015 med school graduating class reported there were only 6% Black & African-American graduates & only 5% Hispanic & Latino/a graduates. A 2018 study showed only 4% of med school doctors and students are LGBTQ. #MedTwitter 6/
This system is exclusionary. If it's not being challenged, we. are. failing. / #endrant
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