Kroos: "When Ramos has an opinion, he expresses it for the good of the team, without reservation," [Einfach Mal Luppen podcast via Marca]
Kroos: “And that's not like anything I've ever seen before.
That's why, if we're talking about captains, in my opinion, he's the best one you can have.”
Kroos: "I am more than happy to have Sergio as my captain.
I have learned a lot from him and he a lot from me too, it has to be said.”
Kroos: "He is someone who responds extraordinarily well to everything and whose voice is heard by everyone at the club.
Sergio leads by example."
Kroos: "Zidane was a great player and he applies this knowledge in an excellent way.”
Kroos: "And Zidane is also incredibly good at managing this group of stars. He knows all the players and has everything that surrounds Real Madrid under control."
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