Interesting poll ! (see result below)
In the end, I did end up going gold #OpenAccess.
After I made the call, found out with this Journal as part of @DFO_Science I get 50% off the OA fee, which is great. Also, the Journal is Canadian, not-for-profit, also helped justify the $$.
Probably in part was reading @ashleydfarley 's important comment helped me make the decision to go this route...
Interesting from the poll that ~30% of respondents didn't want to put an answer, but just wanted to see the results. That sounds to me like many are considering this and may not have fully decided which route to go with their own research.
In the future, I'll make sure that any Journal I submit my work to, I'll be willing to pay the extra for OA.
If the extra for #OpenAccess is too much, then I need to choose a different Journal to submit to.
I'll make a longer post later about more economical ways to get solid #PeerReview with #OpenAccess, but with less $. The one piece left is letting go of Journal brand.. that's the toughest piece! That shift needs to be led by field leaders, academic societies, and more.
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